Über Papi Commando
SYSTEM(E): Mega Drive / Genesis
Papi Commando
The 16-bit rampage by Studio Vetea, published by wm for Mega Drive/Genesis.
Papi Commando

The Ugly
The evil Ceplusplus has sent a thief to Papi's home and has stolen his CommoStrad! Papi Commando must wear his headband yet again and wages war to recover his computer!

The Game
... is a top-view run and gun game. Go rampage, collect bonuses, slash or shoot your enemies and help Papi to recover his stolen computer! The game also feature a two player mode, a versus mode and a couple of hidden surprises!

Papi Commando

The BITS Limited Edition
Comes in an epic military green clamshell box and cartridge. Limited quantity with each copy numbered. Not only it includes an instruction manual (in English with sections in Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish) and a bunch of goodies but also contains an exclusive extra over any other edition: Papi's dog tag keychain!

The BITS black boxed edition
Standard black box and cartridge. Available for preorder.

The BITS Raw Edition
The BITS Raw format, a new collectible package aimed for low quantities, limited and exclusive Mega Drive/Genesis releases. The package contains the Cartridge, an Instruction manual (in English with sections in Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish), a clamshell box insert to have the game match your collection and extra goodies.

Papi Commando

Papi Commando, BITS Raw edition.
Package comprises: The game Cartridge, Color Instruction Manual (English, with sections in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese), a paper insert for clamshell box and extra goodies! Game in English. Compatible with any PAL or NTSC MegaDrive / Genesis.
   Fonzie , 10/09/2016
Sold Out?!
Huge success! But is the limited edition really sold out?!
   neogeomeister , 02/02 - 19:30
I never have get my order from 2017 big scam!!!
   drakenstein , 23/01 - 13:29
Has anyone received there copy of this game? I pre ordered mine in Sept of 2016 and I still have not received it or gotten a shipping notice. I understand it is a pre order, but almost a year and a half wait is ridiculous.
   _Vetea_ , 14/09 - 08:16
The official Demo of Papi Commando Reload is available !! More information here : https://vetea.itch.io/papi-commando-reload-free-demo- 
   Jagunco , 30/03 - 18:14
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   magaiver3000 , 08/02 - 12:41
Por favor pessoal, gostariamos de ajudar-los comprando produtos originais, diretamente com vocês. Por isso, vamos conseguir mais cartuchos para comercializar?
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