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Fonzie , 01/10/2013
TeaTime #4 (ProjectN)
Tea Time @ WM #4 / In the land of the Human Centipede!
Fonzie goes checking progress on ProjectN, he will meet Matt in the secret WaterMelon facility in Germany.
Thanks again to everyone in Germany for their warm welcome despite horrible Fonzie.

In that video you can learn about a few things:

• ProjectN’s background art can be considered secured!
• We could finally setup a proper pixel artist team to finish the sprites.
• Soon we can announce a release date!

Important Announcement: The subscriptions for new investors for projectN will be closed on the 16th of October. From that point you will still be able to invest more GEMS but no new investors will be able to subscribe (subscription just need to register and invest at least one GEM in the project). So tell your friends because the investor's editions of the game and goodies are a must have, and once it's over, it's OVER, no crying (or "French Pleureuses") allowed!

   Anime_World , 08/12/2013 - 21:26
Grande Fonzie! Sensacional o que você, Tulio e companhia vem fazendo na produção de jogos para consoles clássicos. É um novo nicho de mercado de games e tem tudo para correr bem na medida do possivel. Um abraço do tradutor e romhacker brasileiro, Anime_World.
imamelia , 16/10/2013 - 04:58
Darn. Well, I guess consider it a free donation...and maybe there's a chance of me actually liking the game.
eatdogs , 16/10/2013 - 03:27
ok im a newb here, but i just invested 100 gems. does this allow me to get a copy early or at least be able to reserve one? sorry im confused here. thanks!
Jagunco , 15/10/2013 - 22:07
@imamelia Please contact Support (link in your profile) to know how proceed. But keep in mind the FF10 clause of FAQ: MGF/faq/factory_3/ 
imamelia , 15/10/2013 - 21:28
Actually, no offense, it possible to un-invest in something? I don't even like action-adventure games. I thought from the message that I'd get to have a say in the genre and whatnot. (Good thing it was only $5.00...)
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