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What is the DT128M16VA1LT
30/03/2017 - 05:56
Goofy, Tectoy made it clear that it isn't the original hardware. I doubt paprium will work on it.

1) Este Mega Drive é igual ao original?

Não. Porque os principais componentes do Mega Drive original não são mais fabricados. 

I bet it's ATGames hardware heh, they give a hint about the audio, they say it'll not be like the original, so...
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30/03/2017 - 06:29
Goofy j'ai lu ton post et j'y ai pris grand plaisir. Je ne peux qu'approuver pour Battle Kid. J'ai fini les deux épisodes sortis. J'espère que Sivak Games est en train de préparer le 3e épisode...mais aux dernières nouvelles ce n'est pas trop en projet. Mais quelle tuerie ces Battle Kid. Je les recommande chaudement !!!!
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30/03/2017 - 06:53
 la Master System c'est encore mieux. Les gens sont fans de ce genre console. Les hombrews sont de qualité pour certains. le problème c'est que la cartouche et tout l'emballage coute plus cher que la production du jeu... Et là aussi je pense que [:WM] en tant qu'entreprise qui grossi devrait se positionner et rassembler. 

J'ai des informations "chutt" qui vont dans ce sens.
Un indice dans cette video: 

Je n'en dirai pas plus par respect pour l'auteur et l'effet de surprise.

(ps): mon dossier project.N
01/05/2017 - 20:47
Sorry if i bore you guys with my questions ..... so everybody knows the mega drive model 1 has better sound then model 2 ..... is this also the case with paprium or is it possible that the datenmeister improves the sound this much on both models that there is no difference ..... im new to all this technical stuff so sorry if i sound like a ultra noob to you guys haha ;)
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01/05/2017 - 20:53
This should help a bit, i need to test my model one when it comes in the mail. 

I do wonder if Paprium could improve the base sound of the system that has poorer audio but iam not sure.
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01/05/2017 - 21:23
Damn so the model 1 is better in every aspect then model 2 but there are so many different types of model 1's .... i was satisfied with my model 2 genesis but now i think i have to buy a model 1 so i can experience paprium and other mega drive games in generel to the fullest . But then again how should i know whats the best model 1 .....
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01/05/2017 - 21:35
Besides opening it up and pictures of the bottom, i dunno.

I heard of a way to test audio, phantasy star 3's first towns music, if it does not sound distorted you are good and another way is to listen to the konami logo on any konami game.

If anyone knows of other games that will work with testing let us know, i do not have phantasy star 3 but i do own both castlevania bloodlines and contra hardcorps.
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01/05/2017 - 21:51
Hmmm ok i have tiny toons from konami i guess i try it with that one .... the last thing ive played was earthworm jim and the first level soundtrack was bangin hard haha i guess there are differences from game to game but overall the model 2 is way shittier -.- thats a bit of a bummer but whateva ..... still.... it would be cool to know if the datenmeister is capable of a little miracle
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02/05/2017 - 00:38
I hope it is, i will maybe get my model two modified with a mega amp and anything else to help it preform better next year.

For now i will hold off on sending it away and speading that money, i got a few more items for my recording equipment to buy next.
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04/05/2017 - 01:51
I got a VA6 TMSS, it sounds great and the picture is fantastic.
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