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27/12/2018 - 12:14
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To not pollute the topic in English.

but suddenly, where are we?

I just made a video live to talk about all that I could recover as information, I post it here as soon as it is available to replay.

I watched your video!
So the games would be produced but blocked and the final wait would be their reception by fonzie?


@ thetricker24, I do not know where it is exactly (I say it in the video), but the end is near.

-2014 WM, the end is near
-2015 Gordman, the end is near
-2016 Makinagenesis, the end is near
-2017 Tokay, the end is near
-2018 Ryaku, the end is near
end of 2018 Bobito, the end is near
-2019 Yanosh, the end is near
-xxxx Peter 4: 7, .. ... ... ......

After lambada and macarena, the end is near, the tube of the year.

"-2019 Yanosh, the end is near"

You travel in time ??
I still have hair in 2019? ;)

Unless Paprium arrives in less than a week and you do not mind, I'll answer yes.
You lose an "n" of your nickname, that's all.

Already you take it with humor, it changes snarling or condescending.

I do not see how one can go from a bossless game with flickering to shovel a month and a half ago to a finished game ... a thing escapes me eh in the chronology of events.
But hey if the end is near, wait, and in the meantime: popcorn for everyone, I enjoy :)

In the beginning of video you say that the game and finished and at the end of the video you say that it does everything to finish it ... I am lost lol

Do not forget that we investors !!
We are customers, not buddies .. !!!
It makes me laugh to hear that he has morale in the socks ???
And we who have subsidized this project with several hundred euros, we must have the morale to fix and accept everything ??
Even if it is not obvious it must still assume!
It's not serious and I think it will end up in a court unfortunately ...

I saw the video Yannosh, sorry but I can not go further than the first 4 minutes so it's disjointed .... it makes me bleed ears. Even if your intention is good.

In any case it does not help to say what everyone knows.

Just wait until we know it. Point. We'll see.

@reinhy, I understand your point of view. After despite the lack of seriousness as you say (and this is true on the com.), WM still exists, the sites have not been closed and Fonzie is still present. The scam would have been really there in its place I would already be in the Bahamas sipping a Mojito and I would have sent you a postcard with a big fingers (special dedication to Shingo xD) and I would have closed all sites.
Even if it's downright frustrating and I understand it completely, it's going to come out.

I agree with you @ryaku ...
But I wonder about the problem of collateral damage due to lack of transparency and information ...
Who of us today would dare to order a copy of PIER SOLAR or others ...?
It's liquidity that would help I'm sure to boost this endless stretch (towards the Bahamas) .... [: gen]

Yes, it's true that this strategy does not help the image and does not push people to the preco.
But I think that WM is no longer that, they are only looking to release the game for the moment.
We will see later that the game has left what will remain and how WM reorganizes (or not) to continue (or not). W & S

Little question :
we are still talking about WM in the plural, but is not it that Fonzie now? :)

Yeah sorry but it's actually undrinkable this video.

This is not what will extinguish the fire especially as the meager certainties of the author we do not know where they come out either and by what they are supported.

In a month we will have another person who has discussed with the cousin of the brother of the sister of the guy who said hello once to Fonz '6 months ag
27/12/2018 - 13:03
Unnecessary topic, half of the meshes is translated, you take people for morons or what? Google Trad is so hard to use ...
27/12/2018 - 19:44
Ain't it fun that we don't get any kind of TRUE update about the status of Paprium, but we get tons of that dreaded hearsay that always turns out to be fake news?

Happy 2019. I don't think Paprium will come out anytime soon.
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