Investor's Specials
Being an investor has lots of advantages! Once the project is complete, you can convert your investment into actual products & goodies! See below!
Baptism of Fire
To all our very first Investors, we will remember you! Stay tuned!

Free for all investors who joined before the 16/11/2012 .
Investor Edition(s?)
The Investor edition! To be available in 3 regions: JAP, USA and EURO. You will be able to get several copies if you wish, not limited per investor.

Conversion price of 500 for all investors .
Get credited in the game! The absolute 16-bit posterity. This is seen as one of the top 10 achievement to be done in a human life.

Free for all investors and who invested a minimum of 200 GEMS.
Applet , 11/10 - 13:51
Any updates?
Mr.Isaac , 16/03 - 02:24
Geosnow: We were scammed. It's pretty obvious at this point.
geosnow , 20/12 - 18:10
Where is the game?
   Bassofwars , 11/04 - 20:11
WaterMelon Games s'attaquera à un autre monument de l'âge d'or des 16-bit : la Super Nintendo. Sous le nom de Project N, une autre équipe de développeurs conçoivent un jeu d'aventure à mi-chemin entre un Zelda : A Link to the Past et Secret of Evermore. :)
warped022 , 10/04 - 21:21
It would be fantastic (and good for all) that the blog will be updated these days, with the active pre-order of Paprium, with new images-videos of Project N, now that people are coming in to make their reservations or find out about the company and the evolution of their games.
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