Investor's Specials
Being an investor has lots of advantages! Once the project is complete, you can convert your investment into actual products & goodies! See below!
Baptism of Fire
To all our very first Investors, we will remember you! Stay tuned!

Free for all investors who joined before the 16/11/2012 .
Investor Edition(s?)
The Investor edition! To be available in 3 regions: JAP, USA and EURO. You will be able to get several copies if you wish, not limited per investor.

Conversion price of 500 for all investors .
Get credited in the game! The absolute 16-bit posterity. This is seen as one of the top 10 achievement to be done in a human life.

Free for all investors and who invested a minimum of 200 GEMS.
   Gandoulf49 , 03/04 - 07:57
Bonjour, est t il possible d avoir des nouvelles du projectN s il vous plait ! Car ca m inquiète un peu. Je vous remercie ;)
   Donni , 14/03 - 01:50
Salut ! Des nouvelles à propos du projet ? Dites le nous si il est mis de côté s'il vous plait. Si c'est pour achever les problèmes de Paprium j'comprends parfaitement, mais un petit communiqué serait le bienvenue =)
twinimage , 02/02 - 20:29
The art design is out of this world! Hope one day it will see the light of day.
   shuto29 , 30/11 - 17:23
Depuis2014 plus de news, doit on considerer le jeux comme abandonné ?
   keiichiro , 24/10 - 07:59
Pas de news non plus?
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