Investor's Specials
Being an investor has lots of advantages! Once the project is complete, you can convert your investment into actual products & goodies! See below!
Get credited in the game! The absolute 16-bit posterity. This is seen as one of the top 10 achievement to be done in a human life.

Free for all investors and who invested a minimum of 50 GEMS.
Custom 6 buttons arcade controller optimized for PY. With investor's exclusive artwork. Each is signed and numbered by the artwork artist.

Unlimited quantity per investor.

Conversion price of 1200 for all investors .
The INVESTOR edition! To be available in 3 regions: JAP, USA and EURO (each package customized to match the regional style and colors).

The game cartridge in a insanely cyber-punk packaging along with mind-blowing instruction manual and goodies. The package is up to the game, no question.

What's certainly exclusive to the investors is the inclusion of the massive "Size COMBBOOK" which is the combo of an art-book, a strategy guide, a dev. diary and a woot surprize (so far it's 128 pages, but we may add more).

You will be able to get several copies if you wish, not limited per investor.

Conversion price of 500 for all investors .
The LIMITED Edition, also available for GEMS conversion at a lower price. Available in 3 regions: JAP, USA and EURO.
Packaging glory to match the biggest beat them all ever made.

Conversion price of 400 for all investors .
The CLASSIC Edition, also available for GEMS conversion at a lower price. Available in a single JUE region.
Plastic clamshell box and black grid design to match any existing collection.

Conversion price of 399 for all investors .
Baptism of Fire
To all our very first Investors, we will remember you! Stay tuned!

Free for all investors who joined before the 28/07/2012 .
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