About Sacred Line Genesis
GENRE: Visual Novel
RELEASE DATE: 27/02/2015
SYSTEM(S): Mega Drive / Genesis
DEVELOPER(S): Sasha Darko
Sacred Line Genesis
The atmospheric Visual Novel by Sasha Darko, published by wm for Mega Drive/Genesis.
Update (08/09/2016): The game is definitively sold out, there is no planned reprint! Thanks for your understanding.

Sacred Line Genesis

The Story
You are playing as Ellen, a private detective living in eastern Europe. Lately, her business has not been going well, which leads her to the decision of closing the office. But on the last day of work, an eerily familiar yet anonymous voice calls her by phone and asks her to inspect a hidden forest outpost. Intrigued, Ellen leaves for the case she could only find in her worst nightmares...

The Game
... is a text-adventure, visual novel. It features multiple endings and secrets and a unique atmosphere thanks to the massive use of pre-calculated graphics and sounds.

Sacred Line Genesis

The BITS release
The game, now available for Mega Drive/Genesis in BITS format, a new collectible package aimed for low quantities, limited and exclusive Mega Drive/Genesis releases. The BITS package contains the Cartridge, a Instruction manual (in English with sections in Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish), a clamshell box insert to have the game match your collection and extra goodies.

Sacred Line Genesis

BITS Limited
Sasha Darko's Sacred Line Genesis, in plastic clamshell, numbered and limited to 100 copies.
Package content is identical but comes in a plastic clamshell box and also encloses a certificate numbered from 1 to 100 in celebration this new release!

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