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   kenshin_sp , 05/10/2016
Pier Solar SG Research
Hi guys how you´re doing? Hope well I´m kenshin_sp one of the Pier Solar HD devs and guide dev, so after the guide was released we´re thinking about the next books with WM and I keep thinking about a lot of things sitting here drinking in my Bethina´s mug...

You know people complain a lot about the Pier Solar dungeons difficult and even Tim our beloved friend who wrote the guide said a few times that some dungeons (that of course, some were made by Fonzie, dam´you fella) are very difficult to beat, we discuss a lot about it when choosing carefully what put in the guide and what not back on those days, and I remember very clearly to say to the guide team that I want every map of the game to be present in the guide!!! And yes thats a lot of pages (about 446 to be exactly and a dozen of maps in it) and as an experience considering that I was the map compiler of the guide and resource master, I decided to make this entry to break the ice choosing in my opinion what is the most difficult maps in the game to me, so yes this will work as a laboratory for our future works (yes yes some surprises hum?[:/]) so to me as a player they are as follow:

- Definitely the huge Verahansha City, OMG in the guide you have a full map of it with every store and every item location it takes a lot of time and a few white hair on Ben to put it at reasonably state on the guide and to me to make a very detailed guide to every item presented in this place, its one of my favorite places in all the game and definitely the most difficult to do (Fonzie youre a crazy guy)


- Ludon Basement, OMG I hate that light blinking in the HD edition it make my nerves !!!!


- Bethina´s Castle, yes I confess I hate the slippery floors more than anyone and this castle is really a maze without a map and a guide and many prayers to keep yourself alive facing dozens of mad enemies holding weapons!!! Did I said that I´ve beat the slippery god thing and it took me years to get the emblem at the site??? Yes yes life is not fair and I had a trauma since!!!


So guys as a little research now!!! Whats is the most difficult maps to you??? I´ll take note of every opinion and consider this research for the next guides to come (and yes we´re plaining a lot of things here on the land of watermelons[:O]) and who here have played the game using the guide??? What you think about it, did it help you??? Did you like the overall quality of the guide??? Have suggestions for the future works on [:WM]???

Did you think that the trophy things are difficult or easy??? (yes I´ve made every trophy for the HD edition and we have a cool trophy section in the guide). [:murto]

So see ya in the next posts (and yes bet I´ll come back here more often with some posts and news about WM next projects!!!)

All the best to you all folks!



   kenshin_sp , 17/12/2016 - 16:40
Guys make a topic to ask question about something, this is the wrong place to comment some things, it´s nothing personal just a little bit of moderation and nothing else :D
   uipneu , 11/12/2016 - 16:19
Why is my message erased?
   sabin1981 , 08/12/2016 - 10:10
I'm not sure what you mean by "not here", have they left the company? Are there different parts to the dev team? The game itself is great, it really is, but there are some issues that could -need! - to be addressed. Chiefly for me would be the BOOP! sound effect after every sentence in conversations
   kenshin_sp , 22/11/2016 - 16:16
@sabin1981 good news: we´re still alive; bad news: people that make the steam game and atualizations aren´t here atm, so no news that I can share about the future atualizatios on steam, but I´ll talk with the boss about that asap!
   sabin1981 , 19/11/2016 - 19:40
So, knowing you guys are still alive, is there any chance you'll finally get around to updating the Steam build of the game to tackle the growing amount of feedback on the completely-ignored-and-abandoned Steam forums? Please? Yes? No?
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