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03/11/2018 - 23:26
I really want to play this game it looks cool. yeah its unfinished. that's a bummer but hopefully in the end it all looks just as amazing.

Yeah the party showed beta footage. we were all expecting to see a finished game but we didn't. im not defending Fonzie but it is what it is...

Give us more tea time videos Fonzie, anything that lets us know any new info.. even and an update with the paypal battle.

I for one honestly dont care, but I would like to see updates every now and then. yeah I pre ordered a copy. am I mad? not really. its been so long I forgot the money even existed. (and I dont think wm is stealing our money). We have been waiting for so long I dont see it hurting waiting longer. yeah it sucks, for sure it does! but at least we know the game is out there being worked on, shown at the party.

Who knows how many people are working on the game and how long it will take. Im sure that's the main reason its taking so long as funds are locked and WM is running on empty. I can only assume tho.
10/11/2018 - 05:21
Tired of the LIES by that scammer Fonzie. I have to read 10 pages of board posts just to learn that not only did the game not ship AS ADVERTISED on or before the RELEASE PARTY but the game is in ALPHA at this time?!? No where NEAR ready to ship or RELEASE?!?!?
Who the Feck has a RELEASE party but doesnt release anything?
A lying scamming son of a monkeys anal glands thats who.

Refund requested. Its time a class action suit was filed. I love Pier Solar, bought two copies on genesis and Dreamcast and bought it digitally on all the platforms it released on to support Watermelon for making such a great game. Sadly I was fooled into backing the vaporware known as Paprium and preordered in March of 2017.
I’ll never purchase a watermelon product again. Speak with your wallets folks. Do not support this company. Fonzie is a sham. The focking LEAST that bastage can do is provide an update once a month. Instead he goes 14 months at a time between site updates and then hypes up a release party just to say he has nothing to release.
What a joke. Time for this company to go down in flames.
10/11/2018 - 18:26
Where is everyone finding a copy of the manual to read?
13/11/2018 - 23:02
I'm pretty disappointed with where Paprium is at the time of that "release" party. But, at this point I have zero hope of getting my money back.

I'd even accept the gems back so I can get something in Paprium's replacement, i.e. Pier Solar on Dreamcast or something.

Wish I could go back in time and stop myself from pre-ordering this, though.
14/11/2018 - 09:58
guys, lets be clear on this.

he annouced a party on the 27th (15 people showed up , pathetic)

he also states game is going to be deliverd to our DOORS from the 27th october or by couple of weeks time.

can i just repeat what he is saying, game is complete and will be in our hand around 27th or just after by a couple weeks.

what we see is a load of dog shit from the video footage recorded from the 15 people that turned up which looks like the toilets of a Night club.

straight up lies! no manuafactored carts as proof and game is incomplete.

if you want to see a real company making and producing mega drives game, then look at Tanglewood and check there Twitter feed to see production etc thats a real company.

i cannot beleive the retards in the toilet of the nightclub all 15 people laughing and giggling whilst drinking looking at an incomplete game and doing Nothing about the situation.

if I was there i would have made sure this Fonzie knows im pissed off.
14/11/2018 - 11:25

Sorry I use Google trad, it's been more than a year that I signal my desire to leave the ship that takes the water since 2015 and by necessity, the passion has kept me three years more but reasonably this will be my last message here.

I understand your nerves, and ditto I went for the service puzzle on the forum by pointing the problems from the beginning, forcing me to seek information since 2012, synthesized by ZredgemZ where my pseudonym Columbo but the lies accumulated by Fonzie no longer make me laugh at all, the evening in Paris being the icing on the cake.

I attended this ridiculous evening and I questioned Fonzie, but the nonsense reigned master in the places and no logic could leave it.
I passed the stage of nervousness and verbally take it to Fonzie would have been ridiculous because not doing things forward while having no more suitable answers.

In addition I must admit a sympathy for him and still being reimbursed for the project in addition to having a copy graciously offered it would have been more than improper for me to make a scandal during this evening.

In short, the only thing I can say since is that the game seems to run better on PC "the game is coded in C and not in assembler" and that the chip is only used to decompress the data "in addition to 'a protection against dump and sound enhancement', the MD's hardware doing everything else like any usual game, de facto, the game like Pier Solar could turn on a Chinese clone of type "one a chip" Fei Hao, Hamy, HG-806 etc ...

-The "RPB" side, that is to say the RPG key promised in Paprium will be very light, ie choices of various branches and varied in the courses with sometimes required conditions.
Why I think of the large number of levels.
-Some "exploits" as the effect of cascades would in fact only effects already implemented in other games but pushed to the maximum such as stunts in The story of Thor.
-The effect of the background that interacts with the blows of the characters is bluffing, something impossible to achieve on neogeo according to Fonzie, as for example the ground that sinks right at the place of impact.
-The backgrounds of Tim are splendid, a pixel art artist as I love them, apart from the "Pixel Joint circuit", ie the perfect pixel for the puet I have the biggest.

Goodbye everyone and thank you for your attention.

(for Project N) : 

Site en construction ...

Vixen-357 and Langrisser 2 annulés.
14/11/2018 - 11:55
 Vixen-357 and Langrisser 2 annulés.  

Did he officially told you at the party these 2 are cancelled or is this a supposition of yours?
14/11/2018 - 12:09
Désolé Armen, juste du bon sens, si même toi le principal intéressé tu n'as aucune nouvelle des années durant, que Paprium prend une tournure plus que tortueuse même s'il venait à sortir "le avant est déjà rocambolesque mais le après sera encore plus tendu avec le featuring annoncé, MegaWire etc...", que project N a disparu des radars depuis la dernière éclipse et que, bin Fonzie quoi ... [:captain]

Ce dernier au passage annonçant que Paprium serait son dernier projet MD.
Après le dernier espoir reste l'actualisation du nom de domaine de Vixen il y a peu.

Et puis bon, officiellement j'attends mon jeu depuis fin 2014 ... [:O]
16/11/2018 - 06:43
Mes propos ont fait un peu de bruit "Sega-16/Gamopat/Elotrolado" pour avoir informé d'une version tournant sur PC sous un émulateur peu catholique et je viens de lire que tu confirmes la véracité dans la continuité de ceux de Luis et de Guillaume "le fréro de Fonzie".

Ma thèse a toujours été que la version debug existe depuis longtemps et que le passage aux réalités du hardware coince d'où l'apparition de la fameuse puce de décompression, du changement de comportement au niveau de la communication devenue opaque pour ne pas dire fumeuse, de l'optimisme débridé fin 2014 à l'enfer trouvant épilogue à cette fameuse soirée parisienne loupée etc...
16/11/2018 - 10:00
Goodbye, uipneu. You'll be missed around here.
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