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Release party out of nowhere? 
20/10/2018 - 04:56
Hopefully the OP isn't at the party ;)
20/10/2018 - 05:49
Like I said, I'm all about being civil, just would indeed ask about all the silence. It seems I've come across as hostile to some, and was specifically trying to choose words that didn't sound that way. I can't wait to play this game... Well obviously I can lol, but still I'm excited and wish them success. I'm waiting on project N as well, and never requested a refund. I would just like to hear what caused all the silence, because I did feel a lack of respect as a fan and supporter due to it, but am always willing to hear the other side of the story, and as long as they deliver a great game, I'll be happy and forgiving. If they don't, I'll go on with my life anyway lol.
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20/10/2018 - 07:27
 it would be pretty ridiculous if someone who just happened to live in the area attended the event in Paris and got to experience Paprium like it was nothing, not understanding all that has happened over the past decade with [:WM]


This will unfortunately be the case, as for those who pre-ordered just a few months ago.
20/10/2018 - 11:08
Yup, heard nothing further as an investor.

I suspect the email the other day was much like the pre-order farce from 18 months that it will be another 18 months until we are asked to confirm our address.

WM is so far beyond a joke it is not even laughable.

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20/10/2018 - 12:04
I can't go to Paris [:P]
WM Powa!!!!
20/10/2018 - 15:20
If Fonzie really had his priorities straight he would throw the party at [:WM]'s old office location in Muscatine, Iowa where it all begin. Deck the office out in a cyber punk, post apocalyptic Paprium theme. Order a ginormous cake with a big Sega 30th Anniversary candle to blow out. He could hook up some of their old CRT testing tv's and [:gen] consoles in every available cubical with a copy of Paprium inserted and ready to go. Finally, end the event with letting investor's open up the first shipping pallet of fully, boxed Paprium investor editions; handing them out as he reads off each name and having a laugh over some the great yet ridiculous goodies that make their unveiling for the first time.

I personally would enjoy having some old classroom AV carts spread throughout the room just for looping footage of Paprium's development in the background.

There shouldn't be just the one party for this game's release. I can't believe this is how the journey will end. We need a party here in the US too. That would make the most sense to me. I mean, be realistic and meet us half way here!

As for my previous post, I really feel for the investors. What a way to really stick it to you guys yet again. This is pretty much the exact opposite of what should be happening. It really bother's me. A lot.[:O]
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20/10/2018 - 16:45
The old office is not theirs anymore and is probably taken by someone else at this point.

When Tulio left he cleaned out the office and stopped leasing it. The location for the usa games is not known right now. Tulio left after pier solar was shipped for dreamcast. He stayed on the boards and did everything to make sure we got our kickstarter rewards.

Tulio is a really good guy. He sold me on the idea of this website.

We are 7 days from release and we haven't gotten emails yet asking for shipping addresses.

I have a feeling we won't get them till at earliest beginning of the week but my fear is we won't till the 27th :(

At first when we got delays for pier solar i was upset. Today not so much.

I just hope we are going to have these start shipping to us this month. I don't expect till early next month to receive them but i just want this waiting chapter to end so i can finally play the game i have been hyped about for years.
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20/10/2018 - 18:19
Speaking of Tulio, I saw on the sega16 forums that he said, given his experience with Pier Solar, that this whole 'shipping by the 27th' is impossible when all the shipping addresses themselves have yet to be confirmed.

You don't have to be business savvy to realize this is not going to happen. The next business day right now is October 22nd. Even commercial gaming studios could not pull this off. At best we will see the game next year. I mean, it takes two weeks or more just to ship an item internationally. With the holidays coming up it takes even longer. We are talking about thousands of copies of the game going to many parts of the world.

Also, something has been unclear to me for sometime now. Can anyone here clear this up for me. Is Fonzie still trying to run all of these business operations alone? I know that Tulio left long ago (2015-2016?) and I also realize that all of the creative team was in the dark as to Fonzie's whereabouts or the status of the game. Has this changed? I haven't heard from Groovemaster303 or xGoldenBoyx in quite some time just to list a couple of those who use to chime in from time to time here.

Will all of [:WM] or at least those who were involved in creating Paprium be at this release party?
20/10/2018 - 22:49
Speaking of the games making it in October could be possible but not likely. They could very well be in Paris right now while the US stuff in on the way to someone who is trusted by Fonzie.

Someone will probably get the game before October is up assuming everything is 100% on course. When pier solar for the dreamcast was released a few people got it before backers because of a private sale but when the official shipments came the first people to receive them were in Europe.

I recall Fonzie making either a blog or thread asking for people who would want to help ship out the US based products for watermelon. Someone was found but i dunno who or what part of the states they are in.

Who on the team will show up to the party? I dunno. I think Fonzie and a few helpers here on the forums will show up. Maybe more.

I do miss goldenboy here on the forums.
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20/10/2018 - 23:06
Thanks for the info zredgemz. I didn't know about the extra help for shipping in the US. That makes me feel a little better about how distribution will be handled. Maybe we will see this game in our mailboxes before the years end. I will keep staying positive.

At least I know the game still exists because there for a little while I had no idea if it had been canned or if anyone was even working on it anymore. So, overall just knowing that the game is being unveiled here soon is actually a really good sign when you look back on how grim things looked before this past Summer.
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