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Why Not Sell on Amazon? 
26/01/2019 - 22:12
Something I've thought about for a long time... why doesn't [:WM] sell all their products through Amazon? Came to the website today. Checked to see if their cart and checkout system was still down. Not surprised it was. As a customer, I'm not heart broken that this is not working. I'm sure it will eventually be restored one day. But as a person who values seeing things done well by a company/team that I think still has great potential, it is frustrating to see.
They were selling Papi Commando on Amazon. Mind you, I think [:WM] is just distributing the game, they did not develop it.
Also, no offense but, this website isn't the most intuitive interface for shopping. I rather use an outlet that is more trust worthy.
I myself don't have a pre-order for Paprium, though I would like to. In my imagination, I'm thinking that should be possible if [:WM] would just put their pre-orders on Amazon. PLUS they'd have all our addresses to ship the game. No need for silly emails to request addresses. ;P
I'm not saying using Amazon would fix all their problems. I haven't heard yet whether [:WM] has ever resolved their issues with PayPal. It doesn't appear so, since I can't purchase or pre-order anything here.
I know very little about manufacturing, distribution, etc.. I guess I'm just curious as to what are possible solutions to the problem. If PayPal is a thorn in [:WM]'s side, why not take your business elsewhere?
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